Campaign Trail – 2018

We visited many small towns and villages in the 101st House District. We made many new friends, and learned what really makes our district and state so great. From Elwin in the southwest corner to Ludlow in the northeast corner, we saw almost every inch of our territory. We went to football games, Christmas parades, festivals, a rodeo, tractor pulls and county fairs.

I’ve learned that most community volunteer fire departments raised a good portion of their budget by cooking breakfast or chili or fried chicken. And, most Legion and VFW halls pride themselves on their cooking abilities as well. This is the real reason why people running for office were told to walk the neighborhoods and be in the local parades so we have a chance to get to know more people and their circumstances.

There are many things that make the 101st District unique. The people who live and work in the 101st share the same concerns and frustrations with every other citizen of our state. They were fed up with the taxing and the out of control spending that the carrier politicians and political insiders in Springfield have engaged in for decades. Everyone I talked with expressed their desire for lower taxes.

We all feel the effect high taxes are having on our households and we saw and continue to see the damage they’ve done to our communities and Illinois. It seems like everyone either has a family member or knows someone who was planning to leave or has already left because of the high income and property taxes. Certainly, there are other issues that are causing the decline of our state but until we get our spending and excessive taxing under control nothing else matters.