Decatur, Il (WAND) – State Representative Dan Caulkins, (R) Decatur, is calling for an end to the practice of providing an exit bonus to lawmakers who work only a few days after resigning but are still paid for a full month.

“There has to be serious reform. The taxpayers, the voters aren’t going to take us seriously until we clean up our own house and that’s the bottom line,” Caulkins told WAND News.

Democrat Edward Kodatt could have been paid $5,788 for the month of February even though he only held the seat for three days before resigning.  On Friday, he told the Illinois Comptroller he will not take the pay. 

Angelica Guerrero-Cuellar can receive pay for the entire month of February even though she will have served less than a week in a legislative seat.  Former State Representative Mike Madigan can be paid for the entire month even though he resigned a week ago. 

Under Illinois law a lawmaker can be paid for an entire month even though they may have only worked a single day.  The late Senator Martin Sandoval turned in his resignation November 27, 2019.  But it did not become effective until January 1, 2020.  Sandoval was paid for all of November and December 2019 along with all of January 2020 even though he only served one day that month.

Caulkins says he wants legislation passed to stop the practice.