By Chambana Sun Report Dec 8, 2022 In a Dec. 3 Facebook post, Rep. Dan Caulkins celebrated Illinois Statehood Day. “Happy Illinois Statehood Day,” he wrote on Facebook. “It is my honor and privilege to serve my fellow Illinoisans. Happy 204th Birthday Illinois!” Illinois became the 21st state on Dec. 3, 1818. “In 1832, Black Sparrow Hawk, a Sauk warrior, and more than 1,000 Sauk and Fox, attempted to return to their principal community of Saukenuk, present-day Rock Island,” the museum wrote. “Conflict soon followed, and warriors fought a series of battles with Federal troops and Illinois militia in Illinois and Wisconsin. Decimated in a final fight at Bad Axe in Wisconsin, the Sauk and Fox, along with other tribes once residents in Illinois, signed a treaty reaffirming their land cessions and moved to reservations west of the Mississippi River.” Public Act 100-0898, which concerns the statehood of Illinois, reads: "Illinois Statehood Day. December 3rd of each year is designated as Illinois Statehood Day, to be observed throughout the State as a day to commemorate December 3, 1818, as the day Illinois became the 21st State to join the Union. Each year, within 10 days before Illinois Statehood Day, the Governor shall issue a proclamation announcing the recognition of Statehood Day and designate the official events that shall be held in honor of Illinois obtaining statehood on December 3, 1818. According to Western Illinois University, "Illinois petitioned for statehood in January of 1818. Their request for statehood was presented in the House of Representatives by Nathanial Pope, Delegate from Illinois Territory, on January 16, 1818, and referred to a committee."