Farmer City, Illinois (WAND) – State Congressman Dan Cole Kins (R) Decatur has begun a 2022 campaign to visit Farmer City’s American Residents’ Association and re-election in the new district.

In 107, the Democratic General Assembly created a new constituency change map to face Shelbyville Republican Brad Halbrook and Corkins directly.NS Area.But Caulkins will run on the new 88 insteadNS A district that ends the possibility that one of the incumbents will be voted absent in the primary.

To run on 88NS Colekins will have to leave his house in 107NS In the district and 88 new homesNS If you win the general election in November 2022. Caulkins told WAND News that it would do the move.

Colekins may have played against another incumbent Republican in 1988NS However, Rep. Dan Brady (R) Bloomington announced on Wednesday that he would run for Secretary of State instead. The new district is made up of about 70% of the old district of Caulkins.

Colekins began the first day of the campaign in the new district, interviewing the radio on Decatur’s WZUS FM, stopping at Monticello in Farmer City and having lunch at Bloomington. His district includes parts of the Macon, Piat, Dewitt, and McLean counties.

Caulkins in a new district and perhaps a new home | Top Story

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