State Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) wants to end mask-wearing in the House chamber. 

Caulkins introduced Resolution 673 on Feb. 17 to eliminate the mask mandate for legislators. He made his motion while not wearing a mask in chambers.

His motion was ruled out of order because of requirements for unanimous consent. 

“This week I filed a bill filed to eliminate the mask mandate in the (Illinois) House of Representatives,” Caulkins wrote on his Facebook account. “The Democrats opposed my bill and chose to keep the mask mandate in effect for the Illinois House."

Caulkins is not the only legislator in the Prairie State who has spoken out about having to wear masks. In May 2021, Rep. Adam Niemerg (R-Teutopolis) argued it was time to end the requirement for legislators. 

“I think we’re at a point in time where we can start lifting these ordinances in a wholesale fashion and people have to take precaution based on their individual risks and decide whether or not they’re going to avoid crowds or wear masks based on the circumstance,” Niemerg said on the House floor.