Individual Supporters

Endorsement from: Ayn Owens, Decatur

 It is rare for Miss Ayn to make a political statement of support on fb but this election is different. In my lifetime, I have supported many candidates on all sides of the aisle from local to national offices. I am about electing people I trust that want to do right for US not for themselves. This election my friend Dan Caulkins is running to replace my lifelong friend, Bill Mitchell, as State Rep. District 101. I have known Dan and his wife Jo Clark Caulkins my entire adult life. They have supported many of my projects over the years and have always been encouraging with enthusiasm.

My Mom and I lived on Merchant St. for years across from Jo’s business. It was always a happy place to go for a few minutes. During that time I saw Jo nearly daily & Dan regularly–it was common for them to ask how my mom was doing etc. I know them to be caring & sincere.

Dan has worked hard to win the honor to represent District 101. He had more $$ and more name recognition than his opponent, yet he has been out knocking on doors and ironically he has arrived at 2 of my Forsyth friends’ homes while they were on the phone with me to talk with them of concerns and issues. Many candidates in his position would have thought they had it won and coasted–not Dan!

Dan will speak his mind and represent us well. Sometimes I am sure he will be a disruptor and that is a good thing but above all else I trust Dan to keep his constituents in mind. I do know if you vote him in—he WILL listen to you. He is a Veteran, which is my book is a plus plus! Dan does not NEED the job….he WANTS the job! #votecaulkins

Endorsement from: Seth E. Floyd, Monticello

I could take out an entire back page newspaper ad listing all the reasons to vote for Dan Caulkins.  He is going to Springfield as a true public servant by not taking a salary, pension, or healthcare benefits.  He is fiscally responsible–wanting to pass balanced budgets by cutting excess spending instead of raising our taxes.  He supports term limits & fair mapping–having pledged to serve no more than six years.

I even see Dan in Monticello & Piatt County more often than I see some of my own neighbors. In addition to all of those reasons, I am voting for Dan because of his background and how it applies to the issues we face in the 101st district.

In a time where leadership is desperately needed, I know that Dan’s service as a Major in the U.S. Army will provide him with the necessary skills to forecast the needs of the district yet adapt to those changing needs while standing up to fight for the citizens of the 101st in Springfield.

Dan is also a business owner and is on the Eastern Illinois University Board of Trustees.  His expertise in those two areas is paramount with the Illinois House needing a strong advocate for higher education and also someone with the business savvy needed to help determine the necessary funds to support trade schools and community colleges which train our work force.

Please join me in voting for Dan Caulkins, 101st District, Illinois House of Representatives on November 6th.

Endorsement from: Pamela Erwin

I voted for Dan Caulkins!

I haven’t hidden my decision.

I am positive about my choice.

I have not had any negative feedback.

I asked myself why?

My answer, because he is the right choice!

I trust him; what he says, what he stands for

and whom he endorses has my vote too.

Endorsement from:
Dustin A. Peterson, Clinton, IL

To the voters of 101st District, I encourage you to join me in voting for Dan Caulkins as our next Representative. I’ve been fortunate to get to know Dan and his lovely wife Jo over the course of the last year; I can attest that they are both outstanding and genuine people.

There are many reasons why Dan Caulkins is the right choice for voters. First of all, Dan is in the race for the right reason that is to serve his constituents. That is why Dan is term limiting himself to 6 years, he is not taking a salary, health insurance, or a pension. Dan Caulkins also brings with him many years of experience as a successful business owner. This is the type of leadership we need in Springfield, someone fighting for lower taxes and less regulation to try and keep business in Illinois. We can’t have more taxes, as that will continue to encourage residents and businesses to move to other states.

Please join me in electing Dan Caulkins as our next State Representative of the 101st District along with supporting all of our Republican candidates at all levels of government as they fight to stop higher taxes and less regulation.


Endorsement from: Jan Kriisa

We need good people like Dan!  At this time in your life when you both could be laying low and just enjoying your life…. you have been willing to serve and work hard to make changes.  Thank you both!

I have passed along everything I could and told people to vote for him at every opportunity.  I just have such sadness for Illinois.  We shouldn’t be in this position….. we have let the Chicago machine run the whole state down and we need representatives who will fight for us and do what’s right.

Bless you both! Looking forward to Dan’s victory

Endorsement from: Republican Precinct Committeeman, Bob Kimmons

For those of you struggling to pick a candidate for our upcoming election, one of the people I’ll be supporting and encouraging you to do so, too, is:

For State Representative, 101st District, Mr. Dan Caulkins.  Successful, local businessman…retired, US military…active Decatur figure for many years…staunch conservative and independent of outside influencers.

Dan will be totally devoted to serving his 101st District constituents without pay, retirement or medical benefits from the state.  Cannot be bought!

Endorsement from: Roger L. Hagaman

This man is going to be one of Illinois’ greatest Representatives. He will lead the change in the way Illinois Reps do business and help make Illinois a Great State again. Be sure to vote for Dan!!

Endorsement from: Jane Dobrinsky, Decatur

I hope that voters will support Dan Caulkins in his quest to turn Illinois around and give us all a chance at a better life. Caulkins is a man who is not your typical politician looking for a career, power, or money but a very dedicated and patriotic individual that loves his people and land.

I have known he and his wife, Jo Clark Caulkins, for the better part of almost 30 years and his honesty is only surpassed by his empathy and desire to help us all as a whole.

As our time to exercise our rights to vote nears, I urge you all to please place your trust in the man who can get the job done. With our support and his knowledge and experience he will be the workhorse we need to succeed in making the changes that for so long have been put on the back burner.

Endorsement from: Carla Brinkoetter, Decatur

I am writing in support of Dan Caulkins for Representative for the House 101st District. If you are fed up with politics as usual I hope you will support and vote for Dan as well. He says he will limit himself to six years of service, and will not take a paycheck, pension or healthcare.

These are bold promises and I believe Dan will live up to them. I know Dan and I know he has the tenacity and an intense desire to see that downstate Illinois receives the best possible representation.

I am tired of seeing people pack up and move from our area and out of our state. We are fortunate to have someone like Dan Caulkins willing to go to Springfield and give us the voice we so desperately need.


Endorsement from: Travis Jones, Decatur

I have recently read comments written by supporters of Dan Caulkins. I thought my experiences with Dan Caulkins were unique; but I have come to the realization that they are not.

Dan has impacted many lives in our community. Dan and I live in the same neighborhood. When my wife and son moved to Decatur from Aurora three years ago, Dan welcomed them with love. As an act of kindness that year, Dan and his wife Jo hosted a Final Four event and made sure my son was in attendance due to his love for basketball. This is one of many genuine displays of neighborly love they have shown to us.

I have had many conversations with Dan over the years and I know his heart. He is a good man with authentic conservative principles, who wants to see our district and state move forward. He is the kind of leader we need representing us in Springfield.

Dan has already agreed to term limit himself to six years, not receive a paycheck, pension or healthcare. If the constituents of the 101st district want our voices heard in Springfield; then we have no choice but to vote for Dan Caulkins.

Endorsement from: Linda and Mike Kehart, Decatur

Dan Caulkins has been a friend for decades. He is a strong personality who works hard to help others, a good listener and very honest. Jo Caulkins has worked with us on many community projects throughout the years. They are a great team. We also know that Dan will listen to the issues and needs of Lyme patients, an important issue in our lives. For fiscal responsibility and honest representation, consider Dan Caulkins for Illinois State representative.

Endorsement from: Jeff DeVore, Decatur

Another outstanding Veteran running for Illinois State Representative in the 101st district, our district. Listen to his own words, Dan Caulkins is a damn good man, a real and genuine person!  I know. I already voted for him, without thought or hesitation!

It’s not hard to make a decision when you know your values!

I am proud to support –

Dan Caulkins for Illinois State Representative

Endorsement from Mario Fucinari, Decatur

In a recent talk, Jen McMillin (Democratic Candidate) said our taxes weren’t so bad.  She was in favor of raising them more! Dan Caulkins (Republican candidate) said Illinois doesn’t have a taxation problem we have a spending problem!  I agree!!! Dan Caulkins has my vote for Representative!


Endorsement from: Donita Corman

I usually don’t talk politics and this is a one-time thing. I met Dan Caulkins on FB a while back. He is running for Illinois Representative. I sent Dan a message when the state was holding Keith’s death certificate hostage. Remember that fiasco? Well, Dan phoned the governor’s office and within two days of that call I had a signed, sealed certificate. He also offered help when I had the fire. He is already at work for the people. No matter your politics, get out and vote! I wanted to help his campaign, but just had too much going on. This is my way of supporting him! #getoutandvote