ILLINOIS (WAND) - Improvements to public transportation are coming to Macon and Sangamon counties.

This is a part of the Rebuild Illinois program that began in March of 2019. Decatur is getting $1.1 million and Sangamon County is receiving over $3 million. State Rep. Dan Caulkins said he is excited for the growth the funds might bring.

“I think it's a big deal. It's an economic boost to our community in a time where we really need to be paying attention and doing everything we can to help the people in Decatur and Macon County," Caulkins said.

He said the changes in Decatur will mostly be directed at bus stops.

These are the changes that will be coming to the Decatur Public Transit System:

  • Purchase fare box system to replace existing one.
  • Purchase heavy-duty work truck to replace 2001 truck. The new vehicle will be utilized for snow removal and salt spreading during winter.
  • Purchase and install tire lift system, which will help prevent employees from potential injury when lifting tires onto storage racks.
  • Repair and resurface parking lot at 555 E. Wood St.
  • Improve HVAC system by repairing and replacing heating and cooling systems for all transit facilities. The improvements will provide better air quality and control for all facilities in a more energy efficient manner.
  • Construct bus stop accessibility improvements by repairing sidewalks and ramps to all bus stop locations. The improvements are needed for all stops so that they become accessible to all passengers.

There will also be similar changes coming to Sangamon County. State Rep. Sue Scherer said these grants come at an important time.