Springfield, IL – The Illinois Freedom Caucus says the outrageous demands from the Chicago Teachers Union shows a lack of self awareness and instead of getting more money – the radical union should be refunding taxpayers for their miserable record of failure.

The Chicago Teachers Union has given the City of Chicago a list of more than 700 demands. Included in their demand is a 9 percent pay raise through 2028, 100 percent funding for teachers to get abortions, $2,000 for each illegal immigrant family, fee fare for all CPS students and employees to use public transportation, 45 vacation days per year, and no requirement for woke teachers to disclose to parents if their children are identifying as a different gender at school. All told, the list of demands has an estimated $50 billion price tag.

“The radical teachers’ unions have become unhinged. This list of demands is akin to a hostage situation. The teachers’ unions funded Mayor Brandon Johnson’s campaign and now they are coming to the bargaining table to collect on their investment.

The truth is the track record at CPS is abysmal. Only 25.2 percent of CPS students are proficient in English. Only 17.8 are proficient in math and only 37 percent are proficient in English. Handing over more taxpayer money to CTU is as absurd as continuing to use a barber who shaves your head when you just asked for a trim.

The same people who spiked the Invest in Kids scholarships are failing miserably at their job and they have the unmitagated gall to ask for a pay raise – a pay raise we can only assume will be used to pay for their own kids tuition at schools their students cannot afford. We don’t need to give these radicals pay raises. In fact, they should be returning money to the city as restitution for their abject failure.”