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January 14, 2019Roads and marijuana — 2 major issues Illinois lawmakers could move on in 2019

January 14, 2019Caulkins thinks re-stalling Madigan is a mistake

January 9, 2019VIDEO: New Illinois Legislature underway with big Democratic majorities

January 7, 2019 – Caulkins calls on Springfield to crack down on corruption

December 31, 2018Caulkins: Caving in to unions is ruining Illinois

December 17, 2018Caulkins says Rauner not helping GOP cause

December 3, 2018Caulkins sees signs of return to civility in Springfield

November 26, 2018Caulkins cautiously optimistic

November 13, 2018Candidates react after Nov. 6 election

November 7, 2018County Clerk responds to voting problem reports

November 7, 2018Touchscreen voter machine in Forsyth draws concern day after election

November 7, 2018Dan Caulkins wins House race; Manar gets another term

November 7, 2018Brady, Sommer Win Re-Election To Illinois House

November 7, 2018IL-StHou-Contested

November 6, 2018Candidate for state representative worried about voter fraud

November 5, 2018Dan Caulkins: Elect more Republicans to ensure change

November 1, 2018OUR VIEW: Caulkins earns endorsement in 101st race

October 29, 2018A Conversation with Dan Caulkins, Republican Candidate For The 101st Illinois House District

October 28, 2018Leadership in Springfield sending Illinois into ‘zombie bankruptcy,’ Caulkins says

October 26, 2018LETTER: Caulkins should be next representative

October 22, 2018Taxes top issue in local Illinois House contests

October 18, 2018The Madigan factor: 4 takeaways from Wednesday’s candidate debate in Decatur

October 14, 2018Dan Caulkins: AFSCME donation ensures Madigan protects union’s pension plan

October 12, 2018A choice in how to fix Illinois from candidates in open 101st seat

October 11, 2018Davis, Caulkins join lieutenant governor in Decatur to condemn Pritzker’s tax breaks

October 10, 2018Sanguinetti, Davis Blast Pritzker for ‘Scheme’

October 7, 2018House candidate Dan Caulkins: Pritzker tried to ‘defraud the government’

October 2, 2018Caulkins warns ‘no budget, no pay’ mailer is Democrat campaign ploy

October 2, 2018Caulkins says lawmakers do not respect interests, concerns of Illinoisans

September 25, 2018Caulkins claims Madigan is ‘putting politics ahead of policy’ with recent op-ed piece

September 25, 2018Caulkins lambasts ‘terrible’ mileage tax proposal, blames lawmakers’ broken promises for state’s issues

September 18, 2018Caulkins blames Democratic policies for state’s low personal income growth, outmigration issue

September 18, 2018 Caulkins vows not to take salary, pension or health care, only wants to ‘help Illinois recover’

September 14, 2018 – Caulkins sees more Republicans in Springfield as key to addressing taxes, outmigration issues

September 9, 2018Caulkins claims property tax proposal is not in best interest of Illinoisans

September 3, 2018Caulkins ready for hard work required to fix Illinois’ financial issues

September 3, 2018Caulkins commends JANUS case as Chicago Public School employees stop paying union dues

August 27, 2018Caulkins calls for fiscal responsibility in face of outmigration, property tax issues

August 27, 2018Caulkins believes backing Rauner is only way forward for state

August 27, 2018Caulkins wants Illinois to learn from neighbors, calls for better business regulations

August 21, 2018Caulkins calls for more accountability, oversight in wake of tax break scandal

August 14, 2018Caulkins Lambasts Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance as socialism

August 14, 2018Sexual abuse scandal shows CPS, lawmakers are failing students Caulkins says

August 8, 2018Pension spiking practices show “misplaced priorities,’ Caulkins says

August 8, 2018Caulkins calls for reform in Springfield, blasts Emanuel’s billion-dollar borrowing plan

August 1, 2018Caulkins not surprised by pension problems, says it’s symptom of bigger issue

August 1, 2018GOP candidates ‘ready to face the music’ to get Illinois back in black Caulkins says

July 26, 2018Caulkins says Illinois’ credit rating is a failing grade

July 24, 2018Caulkins calls partisan politics primary issue in Springfield, points out Mautino vote

July 17, 2018Caulkins calls tax hike a bust, highlights poor leadership

July 11, 2018Caulkins blames tax hikes for declining population, lack of jobs

July 10, 2018Caulkins sees progressive tax plan as more empty promises

July 3, 2018Caulkins predicts better days ahead for Illinois after Janus decision

July 2, 2018 – Caulkins calls for lower property taxes to stop out-migration

June 28, 2018Dan Caulkins says tax revenue should not pay for Obama Center

June 26, 2018Caulkins blames CPS scandal on lack of accountability for all involved – including Springfield

June 23, 2018Caulkins believes legal process has to run its course before people start losing pensions in Springfield

June 14, 2018Caulkins vows to end culture of abuse in Springfield

June 12, 2018Caulkins says Madigan must ‘bare some of the responsibility’ for ongoing sexual harassment scandal in Springfield

June 11, 2018GOP House candidate Caulkins says new budget is ‘not good for the state’

June 4, 2018GOP House candidate Caulkins says new budget a ‘gimmick’

June 4, 2018Caulkins says U.S. Census Bureau data is ‘total indictment’ of legislators in Springfield

May 30, 2018Proposed property assessment a ‘tax-and-spend money grab,’ Caulkins says

May 30, 2018Madigan more interested in power than voters’ welfare, Caulkins says

May 21, 2018Caulkins: Republicans must ‘come together and stick together’ during ‘critical election season’

May 15, 2018Caulkins sees Ives’ bill as offering hope to pension-debt strapped cities

May 17, 2018It’s time voters stand up to Madigan, Caulkins says

May 1, 2018Madigan re-election as state Democratic leader should serve as wake-up call, Caulkins says

April 25, 2018Caulkins calls Raoul’s slip on economic interest statement inexcusable

April 25, 2018Caulkins worries that Harvey pension crisis may become the new normal across state

April 20, 2018Campaigns go negative when spending goes up, Caulkins says

April 13, 2018Caulkins likes what he is hearing about Rauner budget plan

April 10, 2018Caulkins criticizes Deerfield assault weapons ban

March 29, 2018Caulkins says overspending played role in state’s drop in net worth

March 22, 2018Caulkins: There’s no reason for Illinois to be in such bad shape

March 21, 2018 – Caulkins squeezes out a win in tight 101st District primary race

March 17, 2018Caulkins seeks to be Springfield’s agent of change

March 13, 2018‘Madigan Rules’ at play in treatment of Drury, Caulkins says

March 6, 2018Caulkins calls Silverstein donation a “slap in the face to women’

February 17, 2018Caulkins confident voters will select the best for Illinois

February 15, 2018Ad touts Caulkins as ‘synonymous with service’

February 14, 2018Caulkins says lottery chairman violated ‘unspoken oath’

February 13, 2018101 st District’s Dan Caulkins on the delivery trail this Valentine’s Day.

February 2, 2018Caulkins running campaign his way, not worried by Rauner not debating Ives

January 11, 2018Caulkins blames tax hikes for declining population, lack of jobs growth

January 10, 2018Caulkins says attempt to criminalize right-to-work zones ‘isn’t good government’

January 5, 2018Exodus has Illinois’ future on the line, Caulkins says

January 3, 2018Caulkins vows to put voters first

December 22, 2017 – Tax-and-spend policies fueling Illinois exodus, Caulkins says

December 20, 2017Caulkins fears taxpayer flight could get worse

December 15, 2017Caulkins: Trust Act ‘not good for Illinois’

December 15, 2017Budget ‘shell game’ to cost state $1.5 billion, 22,000 jobs, Caulkins says

December 14, 2017Caulkins sees need to stand up for residents in House District 101

November 25, 2017Caulkins sees need to fix state’s ‘spending problem’