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April 18, 2019Student Government Participates in its First Advocacy Day

April 18, 2019Wave of green energy bills propose timetable that could threaten Illinois economy, say GOP critics

April 12, 2019GOP lawmakers fear Green New Deal will further hurt state’s economy

April 11, 2019Shelby Electric Cooperative youth participate in Youth Day

April 10, 2019Caulkins plans town hall meetings

April 10, 2019Center receives Outreach 101 grant

April 8, 2019Area students visit state capitol

April 8, 2019 – State pension crisis the result of ‘corruption’ and ‘crooked’ Springfield politics,Caulkins says

April 2, 2019Dems’ graduated tax proposal ‘nothing more than playing class warfare,’ argues state Rep. Caulkins

March 31, 2019 LIVE Broadcast: Decatur Town Hall Event 

March 29, 2019Quick hits: Illinois news in brief for Friday, March 29

March 28, 2019Caulkins schedules town hall meeting

March 25, 2019State Rep. Caulkins views gas-tax bill proposal as another slight to the needs of downstate Illinois

March 19, 2019Caulkins explains his positions on proposed legislation, citing ‘government overreach’

March 18, 2019Caulkins calls for ‘a united stand’ by downstate governments that face neglect under Pritzker

March 13, 2019Details for $2.8 million Ludlow grant outlined

March 11, 2019 – Caulkins: State’s middle-class will be stuck paying for progressive tax plan after the wealthy leave

March 5, 2019Caulkins: State Dems going to ‘run out of other people’s money’

March 5, 2019Caulkins pleads financial restraint

February 26, 2019GOP Rep. Caulkins claims pension plan far from fiscally sound

February 18, 2019Caulkins says Springfield not what he expected

February 12, 2019GOP Rep. Caulkins urges parties to ‘come together for the common good’ before it’s too late

February 4, 2019Caulkins says increase in minimum wage will not help state’s economy

January 31, 2019LETTER: Caulkins is on the correct fiscal path

January 24, 20198 questions with new Republican state Rep. Dan Caulkins of Decatur

January 24, 2019 – Three people serve as county chair in 2018

January 22, 2019Caulkins dismayed at governor’s race to spend more

January 14, 2019Roads and marijuana — 2 major issues Illinois lawmakers could move on in 2019

January 14, 2019Caulkins thinks re-stalling Madigan is a mistake

January 9, 2019VIDEO: New Illinois Legislature underway with big Democratic majorities

January 7, 2019 – Caulkins calls on Springfield to crack down on corruption

December 31, 2018Caulkins: Caving in to unions is ruining Illinois

December 17, 2018Caulkins says Rauner not helping GOP cause

December 3, 2018Caulkins sees signs of return to civility in Springfield

November 26, 2018Caulkins cautiously optimistic