Illinois voters will decide on giving powers to unions and higher taxes on the ballot for the “Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution” or the “Worker’s Rights Amendment.”

“Amendment 1 is the most important vote Illinoisans will take this election,” Dan Caulkins wrote on Facebook.

Ballotpedia noted that the amendment will ensure people in unions can decide their hours, wages, working condition, to name a few.

The live event on Facebook that Caulkins shared is a 29-minute discussion with Ted Dabrowski and Shannon Adcock.

There have been several arguments against the amendment, suggesting it won’t work.

“I support unions and non-unions,” Representative Blaine Wilhour said, Ballotpedia noted. “But let’s recognize, unions don't create jobs. Special interest pandering may create campaign donations, but it doesn't create jobs.”

Caulkins also shared information on a town hall forum focusing on Amendment 1. The event will be held at Yoder's Kitchen in Arthur, Illinois on September 20 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Representatives Brad Halbrook, Chris Miller, Adam Niemerg and Blaine Wilhour will also attend.

Ballotpedia also noted the amendment will prohibit right-to-work laws, which ensure no employee is required to join, or not join, a union or be required to pay dues for the union to be an employee.

“One of the most diabolical ways to limit collective bargaining is through so-called ‘right-to-work laws’,” Sen. Ram Villivalam said, according to Ballotpedia. “States that limit collective bargaining see declines in wages, benefits, training, and safety standards. And it's a losing proposition for all workers.”

Caulkins was first elected to the Illinois House in 2018. A Republican’s legislative experience includes serving on the Public Utilities and Prescription Drug Affordability.  According to the Illinois House, Caulkins is a state representative who resides in Decatur.

Ballotpedia noted Caulkins ran uncontested in the June primary election and is running uncontested again in the November 8 general election.