State Rep. Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) is asking the General Assembly for more ethics reform. 

Following the recent indictment of former House Speaker Michael Madigan, Republican lawmakers, including Caulkins spoke about change.

“I was twice denied the right to speak on the House floor in regards to the Mike Madigan corruption indictment," Caulkins said. "Today, I finally had the opportunity to say what all Illinoisans are thinking. It's time for real ethics reform in Springfield!”

He lambasted the Democrats for allowing Madigan to abuse his power and control them. 

“Madigan raised the money for your campaigns through the schemes he is now under indictment for,” Caulkins said. “Madigan did all the heavy lifting and made all the decisions.”

He stressed that Madigan's party enabled the corruption and his indictment is the "indictment of the whole democratic party."

"When pressed with the opportunity to stand for what's right to pursue real ethics reform and to denounce the corruption we've seen over the past several years, you all remained silent," Caulkins said.

A Chicago federal grand jury indicted Madigan on racketeering and bribery charges. Investigation papers point to Madigan running a racketeering ring involved in a $150 million bribery scandal. 

A "future governor" was noted in the pages of the indictment. In its pages, Gov. J.B. Pritzker appears to have taken orders from Madigan regarding politically connected job-seekers, including former Chicago alderman Danny Solis who sought a six-figure state appointment. But Pritzker denied those accusations. “The governor does not recall Michael Madigan ever asking him to consider Danny Solis for any position," a Pritzker spokesman said in a statement.

Madigan released a statement saying that he was “never involved in any criminal activity” in his 50 years in office. Madigan, who spent 36 years as House speaker, the longest in the country’s history is accused of using the office for personal gain. “I adamantly deny these accusations and look back proudly on my time as an elected official, serving the people of Illinois,” he added.