My campaign is focused on the core issues facing Illinois. I’ve spent a majority of my time discussing our state’s terrible financial situation with the voters in the 101st District.

In June of this year, our state leaders passed a $38.5 Billion budget. There are some obvious “gimmicks” that were used by lawmakers so they could claim it was a balanced budget as required by our Constitution. It assumes about $450 Million in pension savings that can’t happen this year. For the second year in a row, they are selling the Thompson Center in Chicago for $300 Million. And, there are several others, like overestimating income by about $300 Million. What’s the bottom line? We will have at least a $1.3 Billion shortfall in revenue vs spending, even with the 32% income tax increase.

All of this spending doesn’t even address the $16 Billion in unpaid bills, about $130 Billion in underfunded pensions and another unfunded $60 Billion in promised health care for government retirees.

My promise to the people of the 101st House District is to work with every elected official in Springfield, regardless of party affiliation, to get Illinois back on track to a truly balanced budget. This is my first priority. Without financial stability, we will never recover and regain our place as one of the best states to live and work in.