Download Dan's Petition Here: CaulkinsPetition.pdf

Download Instructions Here: 



Instructions for Petition Signers and Circulators 

 For Signers: 

  • You must be a registered voter in your district!  
  • Your previous voting history does not matter. 
  • You can sign as many petitions for as many candidates as you want to each election as long as they are of the same political party as you. 
  • Your signature needs to match your official signature on file with the Clerk’s Office in order for it to count – don’t rush when signing! 
  • Use the same signature you would use on official documents, regardless of any variations there are in your printed name.  
  • Do not use ditto marks within the address or county sections of the petition. 
  • You can only sign for yourself – you cannot sign anyone else’s name, even if they are family 


For Circulators: 

  • You must be a US Citizen to circulate. 
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to circulate or 17 years of age and qualified to vote in Illinois. 
  • You do not need to be a registered voter to circulate – previous voting history does not matter, nor whether you voted in the previous election cycle or not. 
  • You can only circulate petitions for one political party per election cycle.  
  • You cannot circulate petitions for independent/new party candidates while also petitioning for established parties within the same election cycle. 
  • You must be present and personally witness each signature made onto your petition sheet. 
  • You can sign your own petition if you are a registered voter in the district you are petitioning in. 
  • You can petition in any district you would like to, but each signature on your petition sheets for each district must be from registered voters who live in the district. 
  • Every signature count, even if they are a part of a sheet that is not completely filled out – send your campaign your sheets, no matter how full they are.  
  • If you find out that one of your signatures is faulty, do not cross it out – alert your campaign, and they will officially strike it. 
  • After circulating, fill out and sign the bottom portion of each petition sheet in front of a Notary Public licensed in Illinois, and the Notary Public must affix their seal or stamp – these can be found in most banks and libraries, and they will usually notarize your sheets for free. 
  • Do not number your petition pages. 
  • Make sure to follow these rules to the letter – violators of circulation rules may have their sheets stricken, even if some signatures are valid.