We have three big problems in Illinois that need to be fixed. Here’s what I plan to do in Springfield to fix them.


  1. Make Pension Reforms.
    Illinois’ debt would mean that each taxpayer is on the hook for $52,600. In order to begin to address Illinois financial crisis, we must be bold enough to address our major problems that have caused our state to have unsustainable debt - our pension system. Before we can fix Illinois’s budget, we need to correct a system that’s clearly broken and go after corruption in our current inflated pension system. You cannot fix Illinois' problems until you fix the leak!
  2. Fight for Illinois’ Working People.
    Let’s cut out all of this over-taxation, over-regulation and get back to a business-friendly Illinois. In 2016 4,500 individuals making $200,000 or more individuals left Illinois (more than any other state other than New York). If we want to be a business-friendly state, we need to have a tax system that welcomes business and individuals. Join me in making sure Illinois gets back to the basics on being pro-job, pro-business and  no new taxes for businesses and individuals. 
  3. Stop Political Corruption.
    Corruption, self-dealing and influencing is an epidemic in Illinois politics. In order for us to have any credibility for the voters in this state, we need to reform Illinois government. We have an ethics problem in Springfield and we need ethics reform. I will personally work with my colleagues to champion ethics reform bills and expose the corrupt individuals and networks of lawmakers, lobbyists, and Democratic party leaders. Let’s come together to pass ethics reforms to help give Illinois the credibility and confidence we deserve.


These issues are also on my radar for 2020:


Establish a Fair Legislative Map. We need to get the politics out of our mapmaking in Illinois. As Illinois voters, you deserve to have a choice on who represents you. In 2018, almost half of the seats in the Illinois House and a little more than half of the Senate seats that were up for re-election faced no opponent.

Fight against "Fair Tax" Plan. Tax increases deter investment and business. We have a spending problem in Illinois, and increasing revenue will not fix a broken system. Let’s face it - in 2016 4,500 people making over $200,000 a year (the people Pritzker wants to tax) left our great state of Illinois. This flight is higher than all other states other than New York. Progresssive income taxes will only continue to hurt Illinois’s already struggling business economy.

Stop over-taxation and create a business-friendly Illinois. Do you think Illinois' high taxes hurts job creation and retention in our state? Texas has lower property taxes than Illinois and no state income tax! Texas has one of the largest booming economies in the world, while Illinois loses more people than 49 other states every year. Don't listen to the Democrats when they say the answer is more revenue and more taxes. Let's take a common-sense approach and learn what's working in other states and fight to bring back high-quality, high-paying jobs to Illinois.