DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — The convictions in federal court this week of four individuals connected to a  conspiracy – bribery scheme involving a major utility company is likely an indicator of the fight former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan will face when he goes on trial in 2024.

Madigan is facing racketeering charges in connection with a decade long scheme, according to the federal government, that allowed Commonwealth Edison to obtain favorable legislation in the Illinois General Assembly. State Rep. Dan Caulkins, (R) Decatur, points to a lack of desire by Democrats to pass meaningful ethics reform.

“Democrats absolutely refuse to talk about ethics reform in Springfield,” Caulkins told WAND News after the convictions. “We’ve got to do something to restore trust in government here in Illinois. This is a black eye for us, for every elected official.”

Madigan is scheduled to go on trial April 1, 2024 in Chicago.

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