Springfield…Today marks the last day of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s COVID-19 disaster proclamations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the governor signed 42 pandemic emergency declarations which lasted 1,155 days without seeking legislative input.


State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) released the following statement:

“More than three years after the real science has debunked the draconian measures imposed by Governor Pritzker, we see the end of his seemingly endless emergency declarations. I know the governor has talked about financial considerations to enforcing his proclamations, but the real issue we still haven’t addressed is the lack of oversight by the General Assembly. He continued to ignore the legislature. We’ve endured 42 successive declarations and are only seeing this end because the federal government ended its pandemic emergency declaration today.

Our state has been severely damaged. Our children may never recover from Governor Pritzker's policies. Families will never forget being denied access to loved ones dying alone. Entrepreneurs still haven't recovered from the lockdowns. This has been a dark time in our history and must never be repeated.”