City of Hoopeston City Council met Dec. 7.

Here is the agenda provided by the council:

I. Call meeting to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Amendment or Approval of Agenda

IV. Minutes from prior meeting

V. Payment of Bills

VI. Presentations:

VII. Petitions to Council:

VIII. Report of Officers:

a) Eyrich:

b) Ferrell: April Jones: Miracle on Main Street

c) Florek:

d) Garrett:

e) Lawson:

f) Porth: Tax Levy

g) Richards:

h) Wise: Resolution allowing Mayor Pro Tem signature authority on IDOT forms

IX. Communications to Council:

X. Unfinished Business:

XI. New Business:

XII. Comments by Mayor:

XIII. Public Comment:

XIV. Executive Session:

XV. Adjourn