Governor Pritzker wants to gut the Healthcare Rights of Conscience Act. For nearly 25 years, Illinois has protected the rights of people's conscience of not participating in any medical procedure they are opposed to. In fact, Illinois has one of the strongest Rights of Conscience Acts for Healthcare in the nation.

Governor Pritzker knows the law limits government mandates and protects people that are properly using the law to refuse the COVID 19 vaccine. So, legislation was filed this week to prevent people from using the law as it pertains to COVID.

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Repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion. No specific legislation that directly repeals this law, but there is a backdoor way of negating parental rights through confidentiality in the schools. Here is a more complete explanation:

Backdoor Way to Escape Parental Notice of Abortion

HB3173 is a trailer bill to HB3223 which passed and was signed into law earlier this year.  This follow-up bill may be a backdoor way to escape the parental notice of abortion using the school “confidentiality” laws that are now in place.

To be clear, my position is that anything that any school personnel knows about a child, a parent also has a right to know.  There should be nothing kept from a parent, and if abuse is occurring, then other authorities need to be called into the conversation.

Back to HB3173.  According to an independent analysis, the current new law (HB 3223) allows...

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CONGRESSIONAL MAPS – A complete gerrymander as expected.  The second version of how to split the state into 17 districts and give the Democrats a huge advantage came out last Friday.  We are expected to vote on those maps this week.  More than likely, this second version will be the final version or very close to it. Here are a couple of points about the maps.

  • The Maps set up a 14-3 advantage for the Democrats. Possibly 15-2.
  • The Democrats set up two Hispanic favorable districts. The new 3rdCongressional District stretches from the Western Suburbs of Wheaton and Bartlett to Logan Square in Chicago to make this happen.
  • Seven of districts have a piece of Chicago in them
  • Nine of the districts reach into a portion of Cook County to secure Democrat majorities

Click the map images below to see interactive versions of the proposed Congressional maps:


Springfield Democrats are drawing aggressive new maps in their unquenchable thirst for power.  That means I may be facing a very competitive challenge in 2022.  It is my honor to represent you in Springfield, but I need your help. 

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