The following political organizations received the most campaign contributions in Illinois during the week of Sept. 27.


Top campaign contributions for the week of September 27 in Illinois
The People for Emanuel "Chris" Welch Emanuel Chris Welch $1,018,281
Raoul for Illinois Kwame Raoul $341,300
Citizens for Durkin James B. Durkin $278,000
Citizens for Giannoulias Alexander Giannoulias $237,900
Ozinga for Illinois Tim Ozinga $200,200
Friends of Lance Yednock Lance Yednock $174,340
Bailey for Illinois Daren Bailey $173,797
Friends of Janet Yang Rohr Janet Yang Rohr $172,195
Friends of Don Harmon for State Senate Don Harmon $166,897
Friends for Anna Valencia Anna Valencia $157,100
Friends of Dave Vella David Vella $153,695
Friends for Katie Stuart Katie Stuart $143,625
Elect Dan McConchie Dan McConchie $112,800
Friends of Maura Hirschauer Maura Hirschauer $100,295
Committee to Elect Dan Caulkins Dan Caulkins $77,500
Melissa For Chicago Melissa Conyears-Ervin $75,850
Citizens for Linda Holmes Linda Holmes $75,400
Don Harmon for State Central Committeeman Don Harmon $72,000
Democratic Party of Oak Park Philip J. Rock $72,000
Friends of Walter Burnett, Jr Walter Burnett Jr. $67,500
Citizens for Michael E Hastings Michael E. Hastings $53,000
Committee to Elect Jay C Hoffman Jay Hoffman $51,920
Jennifer Callahan for Judge Jennifer Callahan $51,500
Dave Syverson Campaign Committee Dave Syverson $49,669
Friends of Jeff Keicher Jeff Keicher $43,000
Citizens for Mark Walker Mark L. Walker $42,290
Friends of Elgie Sims Elgie R. Sims Jr. $42,200
Friends of Michelle Mussman Michelle Mussman $41,395
Citizens for Pat Dowell Pat Dowell $40,000
Citizens for Greg Hart Greg Hart $37,500
Don Harmon for Township Committeeman Don Harmon $37,000
Friends of Kam Buckner Kambium E. Buckner $37,000
Friends for Larry Walsh Jr M. Lawrence Walsh Jr. $36,450
Friends of John Curran John Curran $33,762
Friends of Bill Cunningham Bill Cunningham $32,500
Friends of Omar Aquino Omar Aquino $28,700
Friends for Fritz Fritz Kaegi $27,300
12th Ward Democrats George A. Cardenas $26,700
Friends of Jeff Deppe Jeff D. Deppe $26,188
Zalewski for State Representative Michael J. Zalewski $25,500
Citizens to Elect David Moore David Moore $24,500
Friends of Mattie Hunter Mattie Hunter $24,000
Friends of Frerichs Michael W. Frerichs $24,000
Village Voice Party Patty Eidam $23,750
Friends of Sam Yingling Sam Yingling $23,010
Committee to Elect Keith Wheeler Keith Wheeler $21,000
Friends of Susan Sadlowski Garza Susan Sadlowski Garza $20,680
Citizens for Elizabeth Hernandez Elizabeth Hernandez $20,392
Friends of Dave Koehler David M. Koehler $20,241
Team Demmer Tom Demmer $19,900
Friends for Celina Villanueva Celina Villanueva $19,750
Illinois Pipe Trades PEF Michael F. Sheahan $18,721
Citizens to Elect Justice Michael J Burke Michael J. Burke $18,300
Citizens for Alderman Reilly Brendan Reilly $18,000
Friends of Matt O'Shea Matt O'Shea $17,650
Citizens for Christopher Getty Christopher Getty $17,500
Citizens for Laura M Murphy Laura M. Murphy $17,500
Committee to Elect Meg Loughran Cappel Meg Loughran Cappel $17,000
Friends of Doris Turner Doris Turner $16,800
Committee to Elect Don Knapp Don Knapp $16,681
Friends of Justin Slaughter Justin Slaughter $16,000
Friends of Kari Steele Kari K. Steele $16,000
Preckwinkle for President Toni Preckwinkle $15,500
Friends of Sue Scherer Sue Scherer $15,500
Friends of Nicholas Smith Nicholas Smith $13,700
Friends of Ryan Spain Ryan Spain $13,500
DiCianni for DuPage County Board Peter Dicianni $13,500
Democrats of Northfield Township Frank Bloom $13,410
Neighbors for Andre Andre Vasquez $12,780
Friends for State Rep Anthony DeLuca Anthony Deluca $12,775
Friends of Dave Severin Dave Severin $12,500
Friends of Robert Martwick Robert Martwick $12,500
Citizens for Castro Cristina Castro $12,500
Friends of Tabares Silvana Tabares $12,300
Anderson for Illinois Neil Anderson $12,050
Friends of Theresa Mah Theresa Mah $12,000
Houlihan Campaign Fund Bill Houlihan $12,000
Friends of Christopher Belt Christopher Belt $12,000
Citizens for Amy Elik Amy Elik $11,600
Friends of Stephanie Kifowit Stephanie Kifowit $11,300
Bill White for Auditor William Bill White $11,000
Friends of Melinda Bush Melinda Bush $11,000
Friends for Greg Boltz Gregory Boltz $11,000
Neighbors for Daniel La Spata Daniel La Spata $10,800
Ellman for IL Senate D21 Laura Ellman $10,000
Friends of Tim Butler Tim Butler $10,000
Committee to Elect Terri Bryant Terri Bryant $9,625
Friends of Samantha Nugent Samantha Nugent $9,500
Senator Patrick Joyce Election Committee Patrick Joyce $9,500
Friends of Bill Lowry William A. Lowry $9,500
Friends of Brandon Zanotti Brandon Zanotti $9,455
Citizens to Elect Steven Reick Steven Reick $9,150
Citizens for Colonel Craig Wilcox Craig Wilcox $8,500
Citizens for Gregory Harris Gregory Harris $8,500
Citizens for Brad Halbrook Brad Halbrook $8,360
Friends of Edgar Gonzalez Jr Edgar Gonzalez $8,350
Citizens For Jackie Haas Jackie Haas $8,250
Friends of Tom Bennett Tom Bennett $8,221
Keith For Mayor Keith Pekau $8,050
United Citizens Party Patricia Alonzi $8,000