Representative Dan Caulkins has petitioned the nation's highest court to review the state Supreme Court's decision to uphold the law on due process, equal protection, and Second Amendment grounds. Caulkins argues that Justices Rochford and O'Brien, who participated in the case, received campaign contributions from supporters of the assault weapon ban. Caulkins raises concerns about the independence of the judiciary and the validity of the state court decision due to the size and source of the campaign contributions.

In other news, the chief suppliers of natural gas to Illinois businesses and households have applied for rate hikes. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has granted portions of these requests, with the specific percentages ranging from approximately 50% to 75% of the rate hike requests. The approved rate hikes will result in higher natural gas bills for Illinoisans this winter. The ICC's chairperson, Doug Scott, stated that Illinois aims to move away from carbon-based energy in the long term.

Furthermore, a report requested by Rep. Halbrook reveals that Illinois has spent over $708 million on illegal aliens since August 2022. This figure does not include non-citizen healthcare, which is expected to exceed $831 million. The spending comes from various state agencies and involves redirecting funds allocated for other purposes to support illegal aliens. Governor Pritzker has committed an additional $160 million to Chicago for migrant needs, further straining the state's budget.

Rep. Halbrook's office is available to assist constituents with any issues they may have when interacting with state agencies. Contact information for his offices in Shelbyville and Effingham is provided for those seeking assistance.

In conclusion, Rep. Halbrook continues to be actively involved in addressing important issues such as gun control, energy sources, and the financial impact of illegal immigration. He remains accessible to his constituents and is committed to advocating for their interests.

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